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Digital natives

Marc Prensky is acknowledged to have coined the term Digital Natives, but when the business world heard Rupert Murdoch use it, the term became commonplace (remember he owns MySpace). The reference is to the swathes of people who don’t think twice about technology being an integral part of their everyday lives. It’s not exclusively a […]

Social media is the new radio

I recently heard comedian Frank Skinner being interviewed by Dermot O’Leary on his Radio Two show. Skinner, former host of his own guest TV show which ran for six years, said that TV is rather unreal. With his makeup applied, his shirt choice amended to avoid a camera clash, specific timing, outtakes, warm ups, breaks, […]

Microsoft finally marries

They’ve flirted for years. Constant advances were spurned and due diligence seemed wasted but Ballmer’s finally got his gal. Well, sort of. This week has seen a sharing of search revenue, not a sale between Microsoft and Yahoo. Despite her strong words of rebuilding and turning-the-tanker, we all assumed Carol Bartz’s number one play when […]

Facebook faux pas

The Times is reporting on a modern classic. The Facebook faux pas is a recent phenomenon witnessed too closely by the head of MI6 as he was outed by his wife on her Facebook wall. From the piece: …entries by his [Sir John Sawers’] wife Shelley on the social networking site have exposed potentially compromising […]

Finding a CEO for polar opposites

Two huge media companies are looking for new top dogs this week. MySpace chief executive and co-founder, Chris DeWolfe is on his way, along with ITV’s Executive Chairman, Michael Grade. What’s remarkable is that the same candidate could be ideal for both positions, yet the view from both chairs couldn’t be more polarised. MySpace is […]

Here comes Seth

Seth Godin is giving his only UK talk on Tuesday. Yep, yours truly has booked a day off and got a ticket to the Big Smoke to see my man Seth. He’s not a ground-breaking intellectual – academia would never cite him like they do Philip Kotler et al (and we wouldn’t read him either). […]

Viral marketing double act

Viral campaigns are an enigma. Word of mouth is, by definition, viral, but marketers want much more bang for their brand communicating buck. How can you spread your ‘message’ by engaging users (and potential clients) exponentially without devaluing your brand or using slapstick comedy? Few marketers can claim to have pulled this business magic trick […]

Machinima goes mainstream

Crossing machine and cinema gives you machinima. It’s a geek’s bedroom hobby that’s breaking into Hollywood. Companies like Rooster Teeth show game content and skew it to a story rather than playing the game itself. Halo and World of Warcraft are classic petri dishes for this art. Well, things look to be going all Sky […]