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Is feedback for fools?

At first, ‘How did we do?’ sounds like a question designed around self-improvement, right? Wrong. It’s usually a worthless platitude on par with a client/supplier asking, ‘How are you?’ They don’t care that you had toothache or a head cold last month and that your fridge packed up last night. The overriding majority of people […]

Ramsay screams success

A business is an organic entity. Most stakeholders would wish their company to ‘grow’ but it can be ‘starved’ of orders, ‘bleed’ cash and ‘haemorrhage’ profits. Yet the biggest indicator of its living matter is the fact that people make a company (well, certainly the vast majority). The attitude of staff is the telling piece […]

Military lessons

In The Bear and the Dragon, Tom Clancy paints the courageous character of Gennady Iosifovich, a Russian General. Our brave General finds himself the senior man called to defend his country against a warring China, who massively outnumber him. Prior to battle he talks to his aid about soldiers’ universal trio of needs: training, resources […]

100% lie

‘Mr Gekko, I’m there for you 110%,’ said the resolute Bud Fox. How many times has a colleague, supplier or partner said that to you? I heard Lewis Hamilton utter something similar at a recent Grand Prix weekend. They’re all lying. A Buddhist monk devotes himself 100% to worship. He gave up all personal freedoms […]