Why blog? Reason #1

A website’s goal is all about the end user: buy this, download that, sign up here, register there, watch this, read that… That goal needs two separate but overlapping strategies for human and robotic eyes. A blog certainly takes care of the former (and if used shrewdly can assist the latter).

On the human side, a blog helps demonstrate prove empathy with the user, your customer. You get a chance to show you know about wine from South Africa, or that you’re a clued-up tech geek, or that you’re into bicycles. You gain an opportunity to engage with (NOT sell to) your customer. You’re not a teenager in his bedroom scraping credit card details (surely people’s No.1 fear online) and you’re not just a suit who’s got the money to build a site and take orders – you’re a fan of the same things your customers are.

How valuable is that?

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