Selling is a negative affair

Selling is as often as much about the lack of negatives as it is about the number of positives beholden to your features and benefits. That restaurant you ate in last month may have had clean cutlery and smartly dressed staff but you didn’t think better of them for it, did you? That’s because you expected it. The fact that they’re clean goes unnoticed. It’s when they’re not that such things come to your attention and you rate them negatively, perhaps walking away.

A tarmac road doesn’t score brownie points because it’s smooth, but it quickly loses them if it’s riddled with potholes. It’s a matter of hygiene and as HR managers will tell you, you cant score points from hygiene factors – you can only maintain or lose them.

Therefore, your sales presentation (political races are the classic example) is about degrees of losing: he who loses less, wins.


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