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Lance Armstrong avoids paying tax

“Advertising is a tax for having an unremarkable product” said Robert Stephens, Founder and ‘Chief Inspector’ of the Geek Squad. (Gordon Ramsay said the same in his brilliant and inspirational book, Playing with Fire.) Well, Lance Armstrong could also shout the infamous ‘Advertising is dead, long live PR.’ After much will he, wont he, the […]

Reasons to read

The main man, Tom Peters points us to the FT for a reading assignment with “wall-to-wall great material about the financial markets madness”. All very well and apt, but get over to my even-more-main-man, Seth Godin for a quick fix of inspiration. As ever he’s got an upbeat take on things for the entrepreneur. [Don’t […]

What price for a bull market

Doom and gloom are no longer a ‘possible’. It is a fact, displayed all too vividly with the tectonic shift in confidence toward the financial sector recently. It comes to something when a £12bn emergency takeover of HBOS by LloydsTSB (and a subsequent 30% market share) is regarded positively. Well, rather like a slap to […]

Microsoft go cool?

They’re valued in the ballpark of $233 billion (£117 billion). Annual sales of $60 million have grown around 18% for the last six years. Their operating software runs on 90% of the world’s computers. Internet Explorer (their own browser) is employed by three-quarters of Internet users. There are over 1 billion Windows Live ID authentifications […]

Start at the beginning

Collective wisdom has it that SMEs don’t plan. If they do it’s likely to be more back-of-the-napkin stuff; or perhaps it’s all kept in the grey matter. Even then it’s unlikely that the boss will actually have told anybody and ‘created a vision’. But large companies often don’t either. Some have large teams dedicated to […]

Free the Airwaves with WiFi 2.0

Think back to your old TV and of the static between TV channels. Well, three-quarters of those radio airwaves, or ‘white space’ spectrum, are completely unused. With the US switching off the analogue TV signal in Feb 2009 Google wants to blow open that wireless spectrum, effectively for a new and more powerful generation of […]

Browser battle is beefed up. BIG TIME

Michael Arrington says Google launching their Chrome web browser is yet further indication that our favourite search engine is going after Microsoft’s lunch. If Mr A is right (I wouldn’t ever bet against he with the knowledge) in predicting Google’s strategy then it’s more than ironic that Microsoft themselves had a similar browser project called […]