Has a whale landed on you?

There’s a lovely corner shop in my village. It’s completely typical, run by an Indian family where nana holds the night shift ‘till 10pm. It’s an extremely well run family business where the profits have gone back into structural renovations. You couldn’t buy a pack of mints from a more spotless mini supermarket.

But Tesco has spotted the success and is planting an Express at the other end of the village to open before Christmas. Tesco’s area and local managers will have set a pact to obliterate the incumbent. Our local staple for over a decade is now an impala in front of the cheetah.

Suddenly papers and magazines are being sold at this corner shop (much to the dismay of the paper shop, whose days really are numbered now), the already immaculate store is getting a winter revamp, and the long opening hours just got longer. They’re fighting and bravo to them.

What would you do if a whale – a metaphorical Orca in Tesco’s case – opened close enough to your business (on or offline) for you to smell their breath? Remember, if it all comes down to price, the whale wins.

Better yet, why aren’t we all treating each week as if it was our last whale-free week and fighting that hard? Why isn’t that par for effort?

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