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Jamie could serve the doctor well

Jamie Oliver’s latest push is to bring basic food skills to the masses who have none. He named the CH4 series and it’s subsequent book, Jamie’s Ministry of Food. The first programme showed a family with two kids all eating kebabs out of styrofoam with their fingers. With the world and its cat destined to […]

Detroit scores another own goal

If you and your peers needed $25 billion from the government because your misguided business is going belly up, how would you travel from Detroit to Washington? By private jet of course. Separately. After all, you’re too powerful to share. One congressman asked if they couldn’t have downgraded to first class? Tom Peters rants about […]

Wikipedia + Google = better search?

Jason Calacanis shares a number of attributes, along with the initials, of Jeremy Clarkson. Both are tall, gregarious and outrageously outspoken in their quest for PR. (According to .net magazine, Calacanis called SEO ‘bullshit’ and a ‘wasted industry’ while speaking at a search engine conference, and said anyone from PayPerPost should kill themselves.) But, unlike Clarkson, […]

Your corporate iPhone

Apple’s frustrations have been well documented over the summer: the MobileMe fiasco, the debacle over the iPhone launch/sign up, patches for freezing MacBook Airs and several other dents in the pristine name of all things Jobs. But they really do come up with some gems. Charlie Anzman points us to Apple’s Corporate Gifting and Rewards […]

Buck the trend

I’m sure you’ve heard the world economy is broken. With so much reporting of the negative it’s easy to obliterate the positives. Here’s a couple of diamonds in the rough for you though: – Apple finished their fiscal fourth quarter (to 27th Sept) with sales up 35%. All the numbers have gone north which is […]

The busiest chap in the BBC?

Messrs Ross and Brand have given BBC executives many a sleepless night of late (and too many P45s) but my vote for the beeb’s employee of the month goes to their business editor, Robert Preston. Mr Preston’s opinion has been called on more in recent weeks than George W. was asked about the two presidential […]

NASA would race F1

As a Formula One fan I’m sometimes asked, “Don’t you find it all a bit boring?” How can you find the pinnacle of racing, boring? Okay, it can be a little repetitive because they ARE doing laps after all, but it’s where sport and engineering meet at their finest point. A combination of supreme teamwork, […]