NASA would race F1

As a Formula One fan I’m sometimes asked, “Don’t you find it all a bit boring?”

How can you find the pinnacle of racing, boring? Okay, it can be a little repetitive because they ARE doing laps after all, but it’s where sport and engineering meet at their finest point. A combination of supreme teamwork, athletics, marketing and more than a sprinkle of show business all provide a wonderfully inspirational sporting event. If NASA decided to field a race team, they’d do so in F1.

And this season has been electrifying with seven different winners. Last year’s world champion lost his mojo and raced like a castrated stallion. Both McLaren and Ferrari teams and drivers made several errors that helped take the world championship down to the nail-biting wire. Alonso regained some credibility – certainly more than the sport’s stewards managed to withhold. And we waved goodbye to a great British driver in D.C., whose character will certainly be missed.

The best man won in the most exciting finale anyone can remember. Congratulations Lewis Hamilton; an eight-time world champ in the making…

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