The busiest chap in the BBC?

Messrs Ross and Brand have given BBC executives many a sleepless night of late (and too many P45s) but my vote for the beeb’s employee of the month goes to their business editor, Robert Preston.

robertprestonMr Preston’s opinion has been called on more in recent weeks than George W. was asked about the two presidential candidates. The indomitable Preston is carted out on an almost daily basis with the BBC news’ 1, 6 and 9 o’clock shows loving his analysis every bit as much as Radio 2 and 4 does.

Robert used to write for Management Today and they recently wrote “Robert, an ex-MT columnist, has friends in very high places and is regarded as a safe pair of hands into which to let slip unpalatable news.” Evidently so, considering his double scooping of Northern Rock last year and the more recent Lloyds TSB/HBoS emergency merger.

The guy is good. Very good. His blog was a compelling read long before the words crunch and credit became synonymous with one another. And heaven forefend I disagree with his superior economics, but could somebody please coach him with regard to his diction. Surely the beeb’s producers are hearing the same dull tone, full of awkwardly slow sentences, pregnant pauses and more ‘Ums’ than a 14-year-old would use lying to his teacher?

The guy’s got a wonderful mind, why not help him express it a little better?

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