Google trio launch in Nov

Google launched some really innovative services in November. Here’s a quick video round up:

1. Search Wiki:

I’m not sure I’m ‘feeling this’ but its going to be interesting to see how the long tail affects results. What if 1,000 people voted your site to #1 when searching ‘4 star restaurant London’? Equally, what happens when gaming shysters bin your site? Google are saying it wont affect ‘normal’ results one bit, but you can already hear Google’s algorithms working overtime on extra servers with this 100% fresh, user generated (therefore true?) data.

Regardless, Google is getting to know you better (because you’re signed in). The big question is what will it create now it has that knowledge?

2. Voice activated search:

Only on the iPhone at present and it’s said to prefer a Californian accent, so be warned. All very Star Trek though, eh?

3. (and my favourite) Gmail video chat:

This coverage could really give Skype a run for its money.

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