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New SEO Toolbar available

Free is synonymous with Internet. It’s likely to become more so with Microsoft’s Office Live and cloud-based solutions from Google, Zoho and the like. Enter Aaron Wall (, one of the Internet’s geek superstars. He is to SEO what J.K. Rowling is to wizards. Mr Wall started out with a desire to learn and has […]

First reserve

Obama was thought to be too busy, so they sent the next best thing. Seth Godin is coming to London. Book yourself on his first UK talk. Quick. Seth’s in London! Yes, London, UK.

Au revoir (ish)

My business hero list is short but distinguished. Toward the top – probably at the pinnacle – sit Ron Dennis of McLaren and Steve Jobs of Apple. These guys have proven themselves entrepreneurs, figureheads, statesmen, leaders and visionaries. Their products embody people’s emotions. Both are bowing out of their current roles: SJ to hopefully improve […]

Warring quickly

The BBC has said tonight that Palestinian deaths in the Gaza Strip have now passed 1,000. Sickeningly, a third are thought to be children. Is it me or do you find the timing of Israel’s “cleaning Hamas of military capabilities” a tad hurried? There are insurmountable differences and the arguments are too complex and far-reaching […]

Machinima goes mainstream

Crossing machine and cinema gives you machinima. It’s a geek’s bedroom hobby that’s breaking into Hollywood. Companies like Rooster Teeth show game content and skew it to a story rather than playing the game itself. Halo and World of Warcraft are classic petri dishes for this art. Well, things look to be going all Sky […]

Santa did good

The visiting is done, so is the postman and the elves have earned their holiday. Yesterday saw the last of the gifts depart/arrive and I realised you know when people have really thought about you when your book tally outnumbers the smellies you’ve received. With a couple of leftovers from last year, I’ve now got […]