Machinima goes mainstream

Crossing machine and cinema gives you machinima. It’s a geek’s bedroom hobby that’s breaking into Hollywood. Companies like Rooster Teeth show game content and skew it to a story rather than playing the game itself. Halo and World of Warcraft are classic petri dishes for this art.

Well, things look to be going all Sky One for this genre. These creations have attracted A-list attention as “a collaboration with fifteen leading episodic television writers from popular series–such as The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld–to develop 15 original episodic comedy pilots…

There’s plenty of talk lately about what the blending of online TV will mean with the BBC, ITV and BT soon to become bedfellows on a common platform for IPTV (known as Project Canvas). We shouldn’t be closed to the fact it’ll be as much about content as it is accessibility. New ground is soon to be broken, I hope it’s original and entrepreneurial and not all crass reality show spin offs.

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