New SEO Toolbar available

Free is synonymous with Internet. It’s likely to become more so with Microsoft’s Office Live and cloud-based solutions from Google, Zoho and the like.

Enter Aaron Wall (, one of the Internet’s geek superstars. He is to SEO what J.K. Rowling is to wizards. Mr Wall started out with a desire to learn and has become a true guru of search. His latest [free] tool is an upgraded version of the SEO toolbar that’s been pumping iron.

Okay, Page Rank’s relevance is a moot subject but this toolbar also gives you: domain links, page links, directory links, site age, monthly usage and loads more – check out the video.

This is a simple but penetrating tool – he warns that too much use may have engines thinking you’re scraping data! The power of these freebies never ceases to amaze me and SMEs should be lapping them up. Get hooked up here.

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