Is Twitter like snow to UK business?

snowfightTwitter, much revered as THE social media application by those heavily engrossed within, also finds itself slammed as a catastrophic misspend of one’s precious time by those on the sidelines (if they’ve heard of it at all). It’s all very Yin and Yang.

I got to thinking there’s a simile to be drawn with the recent snow across the UK that has loads of people excited (especially my daughter) while causing massive inconvenience – and obvious cost – for business.

Substitute Twitter or snow fights for the following viewpoint:

Sideline humbug of snow fight/Twitter – fruitless waste of energy spent on juvenile entertainment in existence purely for its own sake. Where workers are engrossed in something pleasing to themselves with no business outcome but for the few (e.g. grit suppliers in the case of snow, contacts in the case of Chris Brogan).


Engaged participant of snow fight/Twitter – liberating and inspiring in the sense of something different from the monotony. It’s not a task ridden process and outcome – it’s original, genuine and creative. It improves your outlook and certainly broadens it. No, ten more widgets weren’t sold but maybe, just maybe, my heightened spirits and/or that new connection I made might just turn out for the better.

What say you? Is Twitter the best social business tool since the telephone, or is it a toy for time wasters?

[BTW Stephen Fry is the most popular person on Twitter. President Obama is followed by the world’s terrorists and every political party under the sun, so we’ll claim his numbers void. Ergo Fry wins.]

Photo credit: Justin Beckley

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