Never say Never

jensonbutton1The Old (Barrichello), the Pretender (Button) and the Skint (the Brackley team) have pulled off a spectacular one-two in Melbourne to kick off the Formula One season.

Continuing the B fest, they’ve shown:
Belief – evidently they kept working hard when a full closure was more than likely.
Brains – the clean sheet of ‘09 regulations allowed them to show innovation beyond McLaren’s and Ferrari’s dreams.
Bravery – in the management buyout (and subsequent cut backs).

Brawn GP, now a euphemism for ‘Giant Killer,’ really have shown us it all this weekend.

Commentators said the grid was turned on its head. That’s untrue as the back of the pack looked all too familiar. But the midfield have undoubtedly caused the former front runners a major headache. To the victor go the spoils. Well, perhaps a Virgin.

Side quote: The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, he was the genius (Sid Caesar).

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