Archive | April, 2009

Biscuit marketing

Complacent and lazy marketers know people like to follow the crowd. There’s safety in numbers, right? They play this card as often as possible with their marketing messages. The company mindset can be, ‘Why do we need to do any better when product X sells just fine?’ It strikes me that the banking and motor […]

Finding a CEO for polar opposites

Two huge media companies are looking for new top dogs this week. MySpace chief executive and co-founder, Chris DeWolfe is on his way, along with ITV’s Executive Chairman, Michael Grade. What’s remarkable is that the same candidate could be ideal for both positions, yet the view from both chairs couldn’t be more polarised. MySpace is […]

Philips Cinema ad shows quality

Ship’s Biscuit points us to this stunning advert from Philips (by Tribal DDB Amsterdam and Stink Digital). It’s promoting the first Cinema 21:9 TV which has the same viewing dimensions as – you guessed, didn’t you – a cinema screen. That means no more adjusting the aspect ratio with black bars or cropping, just the […]

Pirate’s ship finds tail wind

Ignoring the small matter of legal and moral issues for a moment and putting a marketing hat on, you have to say that The Pirate Bay are riding on the crest of a PR wave. The news yesterday that the owners of this gateway to free content now face jail and bankruptcy has taken their […]

A Virgin to slay the Dragons

Richard Branson recently launched PitchTV to help entrepreneurs find investors – a mini Dragons’ Den if you like. The hopeful amongst you can upload a two minute video which gets voted online and the favourites will be broadcast on Virgin planes. Getting your ideas seen by business travellers would be a huge coo (for exposure […]

Politics, pensions and a pound of flesh

Watching the news it’s hard not feel empathy for workers in Visteon and elsewhere who have lost their jobs and almost certainly a huge chunk of their pensions. But as value is evaporating and the FTSE remains volatile, are we right to cease pension payments and avoid some of the heartache? If you try it […]

Are Apprentice replicators causing you grief?

The second installment of The Apprentice airs tonight at 9pm. That’s another dose of entertainment for 8+ million viewers but a huge shot of pain for scores of real employees. I know plenty who would say how the show appears to have a spell-binding influence on supervisors, managers and leaders across the country as they […]