Archive | June, 2009

Open letters and airplanes

Dustin Curtis was so appalled by his experience at American Airlines’ website that he drew up a redesign and sent them an open letter. I did exactly the same thing recently. My aunt’s ouiji board is more in touch with web design and best practice than what a company had created for a young, energetic […]

The ascending of Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve are on the up. Not only did they win the John Lewis account earlier this year, but the ‘young communications company’ has also secured the enviable task of creatives at Williams F1. What an exciting and innovative client Williams F1 will be. Still, you can’t help but wonder what their view of […]

Green business from scorched earth

Tom Asacker recently said, “…That is what strategically building a strong brand is all about today. Sure it’s about being different and creating desire and preference. But it’s also about evoking compassion, passion and pride.” I’d go a smidge further and say that since our near complete capitalist meltdown (not yet fully avoided) there’s a […]

Sexist experience anyone?

It’s the time of year when schools christen students with some work experience by sending them out to organisations to be blooded with genuine toil. I vividly remember donning a snazzy tie and Hush Puppies and turning up for my fortnight’s work experience at a high street bank. They were great. No floor polishing or […]

The jingle’s alive and well

I’m driving on the weekend with my three-year-old in the back of the car. “Where [are] we going, daddy?” I reply with, “B and Q.” From behind me comes the cutest singing voice, “You can do it when you B and Q it.” I was flabbergasted. The only TV she watches in any quantity is […]