Green business from scorched earth

Tom Asacker recently said,

“…That is what strategically building a strong brand is all about today. Sure it’s about being different and creating desire and preference. But it’s also about evoking compassion, passion and pride.”

newgrowthI’d go a smidge further and say that since our near complete capitalist meltdown (not yet fully avoided) there’s a new strain of business ethic and decency breaking through the scorched earth. The bankers, real estate guys, mortgage brokers et al have vividly painted a canvas of greed followed by ruin. GM, once the largest company in the world, is just the latest example of how wrong things have been.

Non-myopic businesses can highlight the error of our ways and show a better understanding of decency, purpose and belief. Of not doing ‘it’ simply because you can; because it’s legal and within the rules or guidelines. Of doing more of the right thing even if it hurts your immediate bottom line.

Unfortunately it’s not going to be an en masse phoenix-like regeneration. Things will be much subtler and change will take time, but surely consumers will migrate to those organisations that act more correct: more ‘green.’

If only our politicians had realised more of this selflessly, rather than playing by the Enron book of ethics and being browbeaten into change by the Telegraph.

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