Audi applies Technik

audi-mowerAudi is on the change. Silas Amos over at JKR Design blog praises their logo touch up and I agree. They’ve applied some Photoshop botox to rejuvenate their concentric circles and the font choice has been modernised. Not particularly noticable now but, when viewed on a timeline, the amendments/path of change becomes significant. Check out Budweiser’s logo timeline to see what I mean.

Audi is also rumoured to be launching an electric car at the Frankfurt motor show. Again, not particularly groundbreaking until you look at the marketing that’s preceding the show.

They’ve launched a micro site with video clips showing the power of electricity. The lawnmower clip could top the YouTube spoof chart and clearly took some producing. They all finish with, ‘on 9.15.09 electricity will be untamed.’ That’s the date Frankfurt opens.

The thinking is that ‘untamed’ doesn’t sit too well with an A3 owner with a pram in the boot. So is it implying something far sportier? Perhaps a Clarkson-heart-attack-rendering electric R8!

I understand the concept of a hero product within the line – which the R8 surely is – and I get that the Prius is de rigueur with Californians, but if electric cars are to make a pragmatic difference then I cant help but think the world’s fleet managers need to get on-board. Reliability, efficiencies, keen prices and whacking great big tax incentives for an electric A4 sounds like a winner to me.

Either way, it’s a hat tip for Audi who’ve had a terrible year but look to be pushing on with aplomb.

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