Archive | October, 2009

First impressions

Most people think the saying ‘first impressions count’ is all about clothes or hair. They’re wrong (to a degree). It’s more about attitude than anything else. How you carry yourself when you enter the room; how you interact in the opening few seconds; your handshake; your eye contact; your confidence. It’s the X Factor test. […]

Digital natives

Marc Prensky is acknowledged to have coined the term Digital Natives, but when the business world heard Rupert Murdoch use it, the term became commonplace (remember he owns MySpace). The reference is to the swathes of people who don’t think twice about technology being an integral part of their everyday lives. It’s not exclusively a […]

Web breaks 80-20 rule

The preeminent Seth Godin commented on a Charles Blow report in the NY Times, pointing out that the internet’s low barrier of entry had led to the markets flooding. He said, “If you can’t sell to 1 in 1000, why market to a million?” The numbers from Blow’s piece were, “…of the 13 million songs […]

Dixons goes nuclear in ad war

Plenty has been said about Dixons’ comparison ads lately. They’re a blatant come-on aimed squarely at John Lewis, Harrods and Selfridges. They invite consumers to research with their competitors and then convert to Dixons for stronger pricing. This is primarily a drive for Dixons’ website, with their retail sites only operating at airports. The strapline […]

Tame the impossible

The Web makes the impossible possible. Just imagine the pitch for eBay on a 1998 version of Dragons’ Den. “You bid a fraction of the real value… may sell for less than you paid for it… pay before you’ve even seen the goods, let alone held them… trust the seller to post the product to […]