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A penny for ‘em

The thoroughbred race horse, See the Stars, has retired and there’s a book out to celebrate his achievements called One Blazing Summer. Apparently, the real test of such a horse is in its three-year-old year and See the Stars was spectacular in his. He raced every month for six months and won the lot, including […]

Making assumptions

MPs follow their vocation diligently to improve our land; teachers are wholly dedicated to the development of children; police and law courts will keep criminals off our streets; companies believe staff are their greatest asset; hospitals are clean heavens of care. What assumptions have you made about that meeting you’re holding this week? Might they […]

The sunshine is dimming

Piano maker Kemble & Co is closing after nearly 100 years producing over 350,000 pianos. They were the UK’s last large scale piano manufacturer. It’s a reflection of yesteryear when a piano was a central asset in the home. Mum and dad would teach their kids the odd tune in the hope of lighting their […]