Content’s digital dichotomy

On the right –
Prevent search engines from indexing news content and have readers pay through a variety of subscriptions to recoup lost earnings from physical news sales. People have no right to free journalism and aggregator sites (especially Google News) are to news, what Pirate Bay is to music.

microsoftbluemonsterOn the left –
If you build it they will come. The internet is an unparalleled open space where the common good is freedom of information without class divides. If providers open their content equally the market will ensure the winners are the cream of crop. Revenue will be made through increased attention and trust.

Further right against ‘Don’t be evil’ –
Stop the Google vampire by embracing its largest competitor instead – Microsoft’s Bing.

If Bing courted enough content providers to bed exclusively with them (by paying, say, the world’s top 50 newspapers and top 1,000 magazines) that would be a huge boon. Would it be enough to grab 10 or 15 percent of market share?

Of course it’s all about money for Murdoch, not attention and that’s where he and the digerati are looking at same issue from different ends.

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