Help is wanted

Why is it such a struggle to ask for help?

We want the best for our teams so we work hard. Sometimes we recognise that we’re not winning so we turn it up a notch and work even harder. But wait, that’s not working either.

At some point, we can see the failing – at least internally – but all too often we plough on with the bit between our teeth and nothing new in the arsenal that’ll change the situation. I bet you’ve seen it happen recently in your organisation.

It calls for something new. Some assistance. For the hubris to say, “I’m struggling with this project. Could I pick your brains for a minute?”

Help is the winner (and your team really want to win, don’t they?) so it’s counter intuitive not to seek it. But asking is the really painful bit. I don’t know about you, but I want to be asked rather than witness eleventh-hour meltdowns?

Shall we help them light the flare?

Photo credit: RNLI

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