Archive | April, 2010

Google Docs hits the turbo

How many Microsoft Office users really exhaust the package, employing it as its designers dreamt they would? Not very many. How many stretch the package to more than even 25% of its functional capacity? I’d be very surprised if it’s more than one in twenty. It’s probably about the same ratio as 4×4 owners who’ve […]

An evening with Rene Carayol

I was at a Barclays Springboard event with Rene Carayol this week. You’ll have seen him on the box with his shows, Pay Off Your Mortgage In Two Years, and Mind of a Millionaire. What charisma! Watching the guy holding the stage he reminded me of the actor, James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader, […]

Kraft turns tail, MPs tell tales

MPs have published a report this week, from the Business and Enterprise Committee, wagging fingers at Kraft for closing Somerdale after it promised otherwise. Did anyone old enough to spell ‘business’ actually think Kraft weren’t going to slash costs as quickly as they could? As the song goes, the first cut is the deepest. Does […]

Loving the Bing

I have been using more and more of Bing lately because: a) Microsoft c0-sponsor Jason Calacanis’s TWiST show (gotta thank the sponsors, right?) and, B) they’re doing some great, underrated stuff. Check out this video from TED presented by Blaise Aguera. I know it’s about maps not search but it’s a good barometer of how […]