Loving the Bing

I have been using more and more of Bing lately because: a) Microsoft c0-sponsor Jason Calacanis’s TWiST show (gotta thank the sponsors, right?) and, B) they’re doing some great, underrated stuff.

Check out this video from TED presented by Blaise Aguera. I know it’s about maps not search but it’s a good barometer of how bleeding edge Microsoft are lately and how they want to stick it to Google.

Take a look at Bing and leave the G thing alone for a week. It’s truly invigorating.

Some links worthy of a click or two:
http://www.bing.com/twitter (a beta look at Twitter integration that’s surely just around the corner)
http://bing.com/maps/explore (the maps link)
http://silverlight.net/getstarted/silverlight-4-beta/#tools (also needed to get maps working

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