Kraft turns tail, MPs tell tales

MPs have published a report this week, from the Business and Enterprise Committee, wagging fingers at Kraft for closing Somerdale after it promised otherwise.

Did anyone old enough to spell ‘business’ actually think Kraft weren’t going to slash costs as quickly as they could? As the song goes, the first cut is the deepest.

Does Mandelson et al actually believe Irene Rosenfeld – Kraft’s iron lady – cares one iota about what they do, let alone think? What possible retribution can they threaten her with? Perhaps they’re angling for an excutive discount at the latest coffee shops in town?

Westminster were stupid enough to believe the American’s rhetoric, now they’re scoring own goals by commissioning a report whose Executive Summary could read, “Hey everyone, we were naive schoolboys. Look at what the nasty business lady did under our noses.”

Mr Cameron has started his election campaign referring to the voting masses with the phrase “the great ignored” (stolen from Nixon’s silent majority). Maybe he was actually referring to the Business and Enterprise Committee.

Did we really need to spend money on this report? What’s the expression, ‘fool me once…?’

Photo is Irene Rosenfeld taken from Kraft’s site.

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