Google Docs hits the turbo

How many Microsoft Office users really exhaust the package, employing it as its designers dreamt they would? Not very many.

How many stretch the package to more than even 25% of its functional capacity? I’d be very surprised if it’s more than one in twenty.

It’s probably about the same ratio as 4×4 owners who’ve actually taken their off-roaders off road and Porsche owners who double-declutch – very slim indeed.

Let’s imagine you’re a newly launched SME with a small office needing to equip four computers. With Office 2007 Small Business costing around £350 for the standard version, you’re down £1,400 before any other costs, like the hardware itself and networking etc. You want to be honourable (and safe) with the licence keys but struggle with the expense.

Well, Google docs is the MX5 (to continue the car metaphor) of the office world: smaller, lighter, more nimble and less bloated on superfluous features. GD is the retractable pencil, not the NASA ballpoint pen – frugal function, not fancy fluff. Until now, I wouldn’t have said GD was an Office killer but the latest feature upgrades this week have me thinking this is a genuine alternative. And the collaboration features are a real boon (work from home and share a file with someone at the office live). Check it out:

BTW: it’s official, Google now counts site speed as a ranking factor.


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  1. Phil May 19, 2010 at 12:49 am #

    I used google docs about 12 months ago and wasn’t keen on it. I think I will have another look after watching the video. The other reasonable alternative to Microsoft Office is Open Office it supports docx as well.

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