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Move the numbers

Someone recently told me about a conversation they’d had with Henry Engelhardt, the founder and CEO of Admiral Insurance. Engelhardt, an American, said the key to his success has been managing to the numbers. At the close of business each day he gets a report (presumably a dashboard) of his core KPIs. One sheet of […]

George says billion, I say bull s**t

Yet again this savings figure of £6 billion is caught on the newswire this week. What a joke. Our deficit is in the region of £167 billion. Trumpeting about saving £6 billion in a year is the fiscal equivalent of downgrading your weekly toilet paper and tea bag shopping to Tesco’s value range – all […]

Teddy Eddy

Childish business passions

My daughter was given charge of the class teddy last week and became completely engrossed with him. He was part of nearly every sentence – Teddy Eddy this, Teddy Eddy that. They were instantly joined at the hip: at the dinner table, in the bathroom, washing hands, cleaning teeth, bedtime story and, of course, in […]

Nick Clegg

Negotiation 101

Your lecturer this week, Nick Clegg. When in a position of strength: Have Suitor A believe they can be replaced by Suitor B at no cost to yourself; Indicate to both Suitors how good the other is with you and your organisation; Have Suitor A and B both believe they are playing second fiddle to […]

Where there’s muck…

Rebranding is an ugly word. All too often it’s a euphemism for ‘we were rubbish but a cleaner logo and new strapline means you should forgive our history and buy into this new stuff.’ Perversely, not rebranding is one of the reasons Mr Brown is going to be punished so badly on Thursday. But I […]