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eBay mobile is going BIG

Old news: technology and consumerism are intertwined. Simple example, the cheque book and then the debit card were tech replacements for cash. Today’s smart phones and the rush of tablets we’re about to see really are changing the landscape now, not just tomorrow. Watch Scoble interview the head of eBay mobile, Steve Yankovich to see […]

BP CEO Tony Hayward

Leadership is…

I was reminded this week that management is about doing things right and that leadership is doing the right thing. I’m sure you’ve come across that before. But I’ve been thinking about small business leadership and exactly what that all encompassing term means on the ground. Surely everything a leader of an SME does needs […]

Ubiquitous Facebook

Go out with a group of friends and notice how many times Facebook crops up. Did you see it on Facebook… don’t put that on Facebook… I read about your holiday on Facebook… are you on Facebook (instead of the hassle of swapping mobile numbers). It really is becoming ubiquitous with socialising. Where there are […]

Social media in the FTSE100

Managing Director of Emerging Media for Proof Integrated Communications, B.L. Ochman recently wrote about ‘the top 10 companies in the Fortune 100.’ She’d been checking if ‘they included their social media involvement on their homepage.’ Ochman quotes a study by Burson Masteller and her own firm indicating that 54% of Fortune 100 companies employ Twitter; […]