Confidence is catchy

I love meeting confident people. I don’t mean business networking arrogance; I’m talking about those who’ve really done something special. They stand that bit straighter, their heads that bit higher, with brighter eyes, and more alive faces.

Athletes have that confident look. So do military folks.

I recently met an ex-Marine commando who’d successfully led a Navy/Marine team to summit Everest and came back down rescuing another team’s casualty and won a Queen’s bravery award in the process. He exuded so much confidence it was like looking at the Ready Brek kid.

Unfortunately you can’t pick it up off a shelf in the supermarket, you have to earn it. The good news is that it can be earned in a small team SME every bit as much as it can from base camp on Everest. Team leader means the same in both all capacities.

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