Don’t believe the hype

A product, service or brand that’s being raved about is all well and good until you try it out for the first time. With mountains of people talking so wildly about something, you’ve naturally put it in the remarkable box. But what happens when it’s not remarkable; when it’s only OK; when it doesn’t blow your mind?

Apple has this hype problem. Mac lovers sermonise so wildly about using them instead of PCs anyone taking one out of the box for the first time almost expects a Mac to do the work for them – or at least perform it by telepathy. I met a Mac newbie this week and they were seriously underwhelmed by their box-fresh MacBook Pro, “It’s not as special as everyone bangs on about, is it?”

Buy an iPad this weekend and see if it lives up to your undoubtedly weighty expectation. (What do you mean it doesn’t change nappies?)

Word of mouth is the pinnacle of marketing – until, that is, when it sets the bar too high. Then it leads to disappointment and a distrust of the next ‘big thing’ and marketing in general.

Photo credit: Mashable

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