Archive | October, 2010

As seen on TV is back

Modern marketers (whatever they are) might well say TV advertising is dead, that it’s a bygone era. I’m not sure I agree. The communications group and advertising giant, WPP sells more than its fair share of TV ads and they’ve just had their best quarter for ten years. According to chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell, […]

Local hubs are the delivery answer

The Beeb ran a piece last week which went along the lines of, isn’t the world a terrible place because we all have to wait for couriers to arrive now that we like shopping online. Well I think there’s a new business model to be had: the new-age home delivery hub. Instead of all couriers dropping […]

Ping vs Facebook vs The World

Social networking is all the rage with web and mobile usage catching business’s eye with the Web 3.0. Sony launched their cloud-based content service, Qriocity, recently. With their product range and reach, they should get some traction for their downloads. IBM is set to, according to Jeffrey Schick, IBM’s VP of Social Software, “better connect […]