Free speech (if there’s no revenue)

Robert Tyler started the blog ‘I hate Ryanair’ back in February 2007. It really does what it says on the tin by publicising any and all grievances with Ryanair, ‘the World’s most hated airline’ according to Tyler and plenty of his readers.

The comment section of his blog extends the frustration and anger further still as customers are ‘shafted for hidden fees etc.’

Some would say it’s freedom of speech which the Internet breeds like a petree dish left in the sun. Poor service getting called out is perfectly fair, right? After all, there’s nothing stopping fans creating a nemesis site, ‘I love Ryanair.’

The most surprising part of this is that Michael O’Leary hasn’t got thicker skin. He’s dragged Tyler to Nominet (the body that handle domain name disputes) in order to prise the domain name off him. O’Leary’s been successful not because of proven slander or business malice, but because Tyler had made money on the back of Ryanair’s name.

Tyler would’ve been on safe ground if he hadn’t clocked up a paltry £322 from commercial links to travel and currency exchange firms.

It’s ironic that an airline known to move the goal posts saw Tyler do just that when complying with the ruling by giving up the address He’s moved it to


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