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Harvard MBAs caused all the trouble

That’s the headline written and assumed all too often. With George Bush, his Treasury Secretary and the heads of Lehman Brothers all holding MBAs is it any wonder? Granted, the MBA’s graduating now are taught ethics, CSR and Harvard’s ‘Leadership and Corporate Accountability’ course, but they didn’t really exist in the 60s and 70s when […]

Retailing depth

Seth would say there’s a dilemma when wanting to grow your customer base of going deeper or wider with your product offering. Victor Churchill in Melbourne is a fabulously extravagant example of going deeper. They’re in the meat business but they’re anything other than a simple a butcher’s shop. This store takes things to an […]

Characteristics of a manager

Close your eyes for a minute. Forget where you work and who’s around you on the organisational chart (and completely ignore what you saw on The Apprentice last week). Now, imagine you’ve a blank sheet of paper and you’re picking a management team. Above, below or alongside you – it doesn’t matter – just an […]

TED teaches values?

TED is one of my favourite sites on the Internet. The talks are simply magnificent. Watch this one from John Gerzema (photo) of Brand Asset Consulting. He hits us with as many salient blows as is possible in 20 minutes, but one that particularly stood out for me was of values. Our mindless consumerism is […]