TED teaches values?

TED is one of my favourite sites on the Internet. The talks are simply magnificent. Watch this one from John Gerzema (photo) of Brand Asset Consulting.

He hits us with as many salient blows as is possible in 20 minutes, but one that particularly stood out for me was of values. Our mindless consumerism is turning into mindful consumerism.

It’s not just about the added value of the goods anymore; it’s about the company’s (and the brand’s) values. Does what they stand for align with me and my values?

I guess the big question is, is he only referring to a bunch of elitist, Prius-driving Californians, or is this actually a movement?

I presumed this recession and the near-meltdown of the banking sector would have a lasting positive effect on our society’s mindset. Apart from the obvious pain of the cutbacks, I can’t say I’ve seen it to date. Perhaps John’s got clearer vision than me.

What do you think?

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