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Seth would say there’s a dilemma when wanting to grow your customer base of going deeper or wider with your product offering. Victor Churchill in Melbourne is a fabulously extravagant example of going deeper.

They’re in the meat business but they’re anything other than a simple a butcher’s shop. This store takes things to an extreme, adding plenty of marketing sizzle to help the business stand apart.

Merchandising – the act and skill of butchery is part of the merchandising in store with the team working at timber butcher’s blocks on stage behind floor-to-ceiling glass. It’s practical and visually arresting.

Hero product – the daily special is on a pedestal inside a glass dome with over a dozen security cameras trained on it.

Depth of range – they’ve specialty cuts of meat and carcasses. These are hanging from a custom-designed, revolving, metal chain rack.

Story telling – the number one thing the father and son owners want you to notice is the backdrop brick wall made of Himalayan rock salt. Apparently, it infuses the hanging meat with flavour and sterilises the air!

Specialist service – could you receive anything less from these guys?

The best consumer-facing businesses are authentic; they have stories and a personality. Have you got a better example of that than Victor Churchill?

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