Marketers stole Christmas

It’s rare that I’m in front of the TV as much as I have been this evening and I don’t mean to be a humbug but a couple of things have struck me under the bombardment of advertising:

– Many would argue the marketers have appropriated Christmas. On the face of tonight’s TV advertising they’d be right. It’s milk-the-event-dry stuff;

– Sales stat: Boots will sell more fragrance tomorrow (Christmas eve) than they do in the month of April;

– Argos were the first to pull the Christmas advert trigger by airing on 16th October;

– VISA expected to handle 26.5 million transactions today, totalling more than £1.2 billion;

– Brits will spend £150 million on trees and £40m on turkeys this Christmas;

– Woolworths – a company that infamously only ever made a profit in Q4 – produced the first blockbuster advert in 1982. It really was a watershed when you look at the big players today and their celebrity feast (John Lewis, M&S et al).

Just saying…

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