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Get British Business OnlineA website isn’t a necessity for every single business in existence but few would argue it’s a massive opportunity.

When business people ask my opinion about website designers or what type of site they should employ, I say 90% should use a blog. This will usually cause a lifted eyebrow or two as the word blog invokes thoughts of lunch diaries and public letters to mummy. The truth is they make a brilliant platform on which to build your digital presence but they do need some technical skill to make them look more like a modern website than a free blog.

But Getting British Business Online is my new recommendation. It’s a free website and a free URL (i.e. website address or name, which doesn’t necessarily have to be your business name) thanks to a joint initiative between BT, Google, e-skills UK and Enterprise UK.

To quote their site “It’s simple:
1.    Choose a website address
2.    Select and customise a template
3.    Publish your website”

Point any new website starters you know here – Christmas is sticking around for a while longer.

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