Digital stamps

Silicon Valley can get carried away with the Angry Birds’ Series A round of investment and Apple’s iAds, but Denmark are giving us a great example of digital innovation helping the man on the street right now.

From 1st April the Danes will be able to text a number that will reply to the phone with a code. This code can be written on envelopes to be dispatched around the country. Users will be charged for the text and the value of the stamp.

No more trawling through your bottom draw for a dog-eared stamp. No frantic will-the-post-office-be-open drives around the estate. Just a simple text and scribble onto an envelope. Genius.

It’s yet another convenient incremental innovation that sees ‘phones become an ever-increasing staple of our society’s functionality. The ONS seems wise to this as its spring clean of shopping items that determine inflation now includes smartphones and app downloads. Indicators indeed.

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