Twitter (non-injunction) thoughts

Twitter is front page news this week but a friend emailed me asking my thoughts on something other than super injunctions. He wrote, “If twitter’s all about engaging with people, conversations not campaigns etc, why is @delloutlet doing so well? Both in followers, and in direct revenue according to them. It goes against everything I’ve read you should do. What do you think of it?”

Well, I think it’s because of a number of factors:

  • There are no real rules to Twitter (even if there are nuanced subtleties);
  • Even if there were rules that dictate against such obvious selling tactics, there would be exceptions too;
  • Tweets are a broadcast of whatever you choose – some tweet their blog, others tweet their photos, thoughts, videos or jokes. Why shouldn’t Dell’s mention deals;
  • Best practice isn’t common practice (physical exercise and a good diet are surely the best example here);
  • People will always want bargains and IT buyers know what lives at the end of this rainbow (check Brand Alley for another strong clearance example);
  • Engagement is a plethora of choice – I want the Sunday Times in physical paper but I like most of my other news digitally. If I want to engage Dell’s bargains this way, then that’s what I’ll do.

We live in a hit and run culture, flitting from place to place with ever decreasing attention spans. With 1.5+million followers and peerless sales conversion, Dell is clearly providing something of value of kudos to plenty.

What about you? How are you using Twitter in business?

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