Superdry adds a showpiece

Superdry are one of the darlings of the UK high street. The City loves their stratospheric growth rate and they don’t plan on slowing.

They’ve announced a flagship store on London’s Regent Street that’ll be a 59,000 sq ft international showpiece opening towards the end of the financial year.

These guys are playing hardball. They opened 21 standalone UK stores in the year to May, taking their total to 60, and also opened 44 international stores.

Not suprisingly their Internet sales also continue to grow, and apparently account for 8% of group sales. They intend on that channel reaching 20%, which is an ever growing slice considering the growth of retail revenue.

When there’s so much doom and gloom about failing British retailers, Superdry are a huge breath of successful fresh air. Planned openings aside though, how the heck will they continue to grow in the UK as they edge towards mass-market and lose their cachet? Answers on a postcard please…


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