Archive | October, 2011

Agenda setting

Seth wrote recently about ceding one’s responsibility via other people’s agendas. He said ‘Setting an agenda is often as important as checking the boxes,’ and I completely agree. Setting an agenda for a meeting gives you the initial power. Obviously, it allows you to frame the context of the discussions. You might not win every […]

It’s not okay

When staff, especially service staff, say that customers where okay, it’s often not the case. “But they didn’t stay, they didn’t buy, they didn’t engage,” you reply. Disgruntled, dissatisfied, unhappy customers don’t scream and shout or spill blood. They leave. Simple as that. They might moan to their partner in the car or once the […]

A fitting tribute

It’s easy to gush more wonderful adulation to Steve Jobs, but there’s a far better tribute to be made: start something. A friend said tonight that it’d been a moving day. But he was also inspired when he thought of Jobs and the founding of Apple and Pixar. So inspired in fact that he registered […]