It’s not okay

I WANT MY COOOOOOOKIE CRISPS!When staff, especially service staff, say that customers where okay, it’s often not the case. “But they didn’t stay, they didn’t buy, they didn’t engage,” you reply.

Disgruntled, dissatisfied, unhappy customers don’t scream and shout or spill blood. They leave. Simple as that. They might moan to their partner in the car or once the phone is put down, but they’ll very rarely feedback constructively to your team and offer suggestions (unless they’re from New York!).

I’m never happy to receive a complaint from a customer because we’ve obviously caused a problem, but I welcome the chance to rectify the situation. Personally, I’d vote my with feet rather than write you an email, so I’m chuffed that people can try and help us improve and win them back as a customer.

But given that we know the majority simply walk, what are we doing to spot those signals and what comes next?

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