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Are your teams gardening?

When someone is in need of a gardener (or a dentist, or plumber, or hair dresser…) and finds a competent practitioner for that role, at a reasonable cost, they tend to stay with that person or organisation for their future needs. Providing cost doesn’t inflate massively or become prohibitive for other reasons (like losing your […]

Own the work

The first email I read in the day is Chris Brogan’s and it’s usually before breakfast. He’s very revealing in a business sense and within that honesty you’ll often find gems of practical advice. His advice can be a little left field as he expounds about far more than just marketing per se by getting […]

Rupert Murdoch on Twitter

Rupert Murdoch on Twitter, but why?

The biggest news in tech this week is that Yahoo! finally appointed a replacement for their known-to-swear-a-lot and former top-dog, Carol Bartz. They’ve appointed little-known Scott Thompson from PayPal. But the much more fun/entertaining/frightening tech news is Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter. Really joined. No spoof account (that was his wife’s). No digital sidekick thumbing his […]