Are your teams gardening?

I built a garden...

When someone is in need of a gardener (or a dentist, or plumber, or hair dresser…) and finds a competent practitioner for that role, at a reasonable cost, they tend to stay with that person or organisation for their future needs.

Providing cost doesn’t inflate massively or become prohibitive for other reasons (like losing your job) then things are set – AA Gardening can continue their gig, and Acme Hairdressing will get your business next month. If the service is good and the price is acceptable, why would you go elsewhere? Changing would only risk an inferior service and the added hassle of breaking new ground, so why do it to yourself?

I’m stretching a simple analogy, but is your service that of a competent gardener? It strikes me that we might want to reiterate this more often to our teams.

A former chairman of Marks & Spencer observed, “Customers are not loyal nor should they be. We have to earn their loyalty every day.”

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