Curation nation

In our internet-fuelled world of deafening noise, I’ve long preached about curation to help us with our web-induced A.D.D.

I don’t want to check out 250+ blogs, I want someone to save me time and trawl through all that chaff and siphon out the nuggets of news and information that are right for me.

Twitter lists aren’t a bad place to start but you have to tune into particular voices and hope they tweet gold. Delicious is a forgotten source and Pinterest is okay for visually stimulating resources, but that’s obviously limiting.

LinkedIn have re-assessed how they offer their curation service and they’ve improved it massively. No longer is their home page (your logged in screen) full of the Twitter feed from ALL your connections. LinkedIn have finally realised that if you wanted that, you’d have gone to Twitter, or Tweetdeck, or Hootsuite. (side note/moan: retweeting the BBC news several times an hour is really not adding any value to your stream or to your connections.)

LinkedIn are now showing exactly the kind of maturity you’d expect from the site with their LinkedIn Today and I hope they continue to evolve the product. Tagging, a bias towards your ‘type’ of voice, your social graph and further customisation will only improve the service.

Jason Calacanis is rocking this space, too. He’s done a Steve Jobs and obviously built a product for himself in that he wanted the day’s tech/start up news delivered in one email. He’s improving the functionality but this is an amazing use of Google Docs and you get his on-the-fly thoughts/feedback/opinions chucked into the mix. If you like tech, start up news sign up here.

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