Glasses could become our main screens

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and other tech giants will have to reply to Google’s Glass project, but I shudder to think about the court cases over patents that’ll follow.

The only folks wealthier than the company board members will be the lawyers that represent them.

These glasses (and their many successors) won’t be for the nerds, they’ll be for the sharers. Watches and glasses are perfect for our short-form communications that didn’t really exist 5 years ago: tweeting, messaging, updating, posting, pinning. It’s not about processing power, Excel sheets, or huge file storage – it’s snippets of information via feeds in a ‘social society.’ If it’s good enough for a mini printer at £199, then it should be perfect for a watch.

Blogs gave us access to a writer’s thoughts. Micro blogs gave access to everything and glasses give us a chance to experience things in the first person. Imagine Jay Z’s glasses update from Madison Square Garden or a pro footballer in a game?

Side note: the iPod Nano is already a watch to some but it’s not mass market in that capacity. I fancy Apple will make a full blown version and between that and the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad mini, I agree with those who say Apple’s share price is destined to go north of $1,000.


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