I’m Nick Fluck, co-founder and managing director at Tredz, a bicycle retailer with four outlets and a strong web presence. Digitally Minded is a semi-personal, not-overly-professional space that’s become a brain dump of what overspills outside of the day job – marketing, tech, innovation, business, etc. It’s either this or talking to the mirror more.

HUGHifyoutalkedtopeoplePerhaps a little deeper:
I’m privileged that my business career has coincided with the emergence of the Internet. In the spirit of Louis Pasteur’s infamous quote, “chance favours the prepared mind,” I’d like to be fully aware as technology continues to influence our business world and culture in ways no-one could’ve accurately prescribed.

Ts, Cs and legal yadda yadda:
Digitally Minded operates a smoke-if-you-must policy on these premises. Posts may contain nuts but any subliminal messages encouraging organised crime, fraud or euthanasia are strictly coincidental. Nothing written/sketched/shown here reflects the opinions, policies or practices of my company or its employees therein (or out). Further spineless cop-outs are quite likely (strobe lighting’s a no-no, right?).

LinkedIn is my weapon of choice if entrepreneurs, retailers or web-orientated folks want to hook up.

Should you ever need an extra (with his plus one) for a wedding, birthday or Bar Mitzvah I’m available at:

digitallyminded at gmail dot com

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.