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Don’t lift the bar, teleport it

F1 fans will know the popular mantra well-used across the sport, ‘If you’re not going forwards, you’re actually going backwards.’ It speaks volumes for everyone’s permanent devotion to improving through innovation (and invention of course). You see, over the course of a season teams will gain a handful of seconds per lap. Therefore, if you’re […]

Presentation pay dirt

Got a presentation coming up? This is where the bar is for attention and this is where the bar is for Powerpoint and Keynote. There’s a little bit of help for you here. And finally, as a priest once told me of his sermons: be sharp; be brief; be gone.

Why blog? Reason #1

A website’s goal is all about the end user: buy this, download that, sign up here, register there, watch this, read that… That goal needs two separate but overlapping strategies for human and robotic eyes. A blog certainly takes care of the former (and if used shrewdly can assist the latter). On the human side, […]

100% lie

‘Mr Gekko, I’m there for you 110%,’ said the resolute Bud Fox. How many times has a colleague, supplier or partner said that to you? I heard Lewis Hamilton utter something similar at a recent Grand Prix weekend. They’re all lying. A Buddhist monk devotes himself 100% to worship. He gave up all personal freedoms […]