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Facebook value

The most talked about company award this week goes to Facebook (FB), thanks to their IPO which launches on the Nasdaq tomorrow. They’ve set the share price range at between $34 and $38 for 421.2 million shares and it’s oversubscribed by as much as 25 times. But there are those sceptics who say the price […]

Culture can kill

Culture is surely the most nebulous of business concepts. It’s nigh on impossible to quantify accurately and just as difficult to effect. Its perception often looks very different from the reality within. Steve Jobs’ autobiography pretty much confirms everything we already thought about the much-heralded Apple leader: he was bloody minded, rude, spoilt, obnoxious, argumentative, […]

Penny Power

Ecademy founder on leadership

I went to a very mediocre business event recently that sold itself as, “A fast-paced, cutting-edge day, tailored to the needs of SMEs.” It was more like a school leaver’s guide to the Internet, at least, that was, until the final talk of the day. They’d clearly saved the best until last as Penny Power […]

Are your teams gardening?

When someone is in need of a gardener (or a dentist, or plumber, or hair dresser…) and finds a competent practitioner for that role, at a reasonable cost, they tend to stay with that person or organisation for their future needs. Providing cost doesn’t inflate massively or become prohibitive for other reasons (like losing your […]

Own the work

The first email I read in the day is Chris Brogan’s and it’s usually before breakfast. He’s very revealing in a business sense and within that honesty you’ll often find gems of practical advice. His advice can be a little left field as he expounds about far more than just marketing per se by getting […]

It’s not okay

When staff, especially service staff, say that customers where okay, it’s often not the case. “But they didn’t stay, they didn’t buy, they didn’t engage,” you reply. Disgruntled, dissatisfied, unhappy customers don’t scream and shout or spill blood. They leave. Simple as that. They might moan to their partner in the car or once the […]

A fitting tribute

It’s easy to gush more wonderful adulation to Steve Jobs, but there’s a far better tribute to be made: start something. A friend said tonight that it’d been a moving day. But he was also inspired when he thought of Jobs and the founding of Apple and Pixar. So inspired in fact that he registered […]

Kindle Fire

Kindle thoughts

Amazon has shown itself as the first true competitor to Apple in the tablet war. The launch of the Kindle Fire this week is an audacious move to out-price the iPad with a dumbed-down system costing just $199. Tablets are a future cornerstone for the world’s data consumption. As ever, Jobs lifted the curtain on […]

Bottom Line

What’s your future?

Evan Davis on the brilliant Bottom Line asked his guests what the business world will look like in 2020. Justin King of Sainsbury’s commented that it’s difficult enough looking at 2013 and 2020 is impossible. Laura Tenison of JoJo Maman Bebe claimed M-commerce would be commonplace, and Michael Birch, co-founder of Bebo said connectivity to […]

Growth isn’t always what is says on the tin

The shock non-Murdoch news this week is that inflation appears to have fallen. The CPI rate is down from 4.5% to 4.2%. Most analysts would say the culprits are retailers (especially in electronics) thanks to their prevalent early summer sales, but it helps Mervyn King and his posse keep interest rates where they are, which […]

Superdry adds a showpiece

Superdry are one of the darlings of the UK high street. The City loves their stratospheric growth rate and they don’t plan on slowing. They’ve announced a flagship store on London’s Regent Street that’ll be a 59,000 sq ft international showpiece opening towards the end of the financial year. These guys are playing hardball. They […]

Talent doesn’t need words to talk

Few folks undervalue themselves in the workplace. They can mistake confidence for capability and often reinforce that by saying how great they are. Interviewees will tell you how perfect they are for the role; how their skills and experience dovetails your job description, even though they’re barely out of university or college with little real […]

Is intern such an ugly word?

Unemployment is over 2.53m with 18-24 year-olds accounting for 18.3% of that alarming figure. Kamikaze pilots have easier missions compared to graduates scoring an interview with over-subscribed job ads. Unfortunately they often don’t help themselves, so here’s my two pennies worth. Firstly, there’s loads written about CVs but here are a few tips to show […]

Digital stamps

Silicon Valley can get carried away with the Angry Birds’ Series A round of investment and Apple’s iAds, but Denmark are giving us a great example of digital innovation helping the man on the street right now. From 1st April the Danes will be able to text a number that will reply to the phone […]

How to get a pay rise

If your firm doesn’t have a robust, progressive appraisal system that will automatically promote you for good performance (unlikely outside a very large organisation), then you need to demonstrate your ability before asking. This lets you knock on the door and say, “I feel I’m deserving because of X, Y and Z,” rather than, “I’d […]

Mental boxes

Chris Brogan is a business hero of mine. He’s built his own escape velocity in every sense. His blog is great a platform showing a balance of marketing, business, new media and raw advice. This has got him to AdAge’s marketing list at #3 (behind King Seth and the much-overrated Copyblogger). He shares ideas and […]

Cancel is still a dirty word

January challenge: take a look around T-mobile’s website and try finding the page that lets you cancel your mobile contract. Go on, take a minute. Good luck. If you think call centre telephone systems are a way of companies sending you round in circles, this site was designed with the same penmanship. Not only is […]

Get British Business Online

Free websites

A website isn’t a necessity for every single business in existence but few would argue it’s a massive opportunity. When business people ask my opinion about website designers or what type of site they should employ, I say 90% should use a blog. This will usually cause a lifted eyebrow or two as the word […]

Marketers stole Christmas

It’s rare that I’m in front of the TV as much as I have been this evening and I don’t mean to be a humbug but a couple of things have struck me under the bombardment of advertising: – Many would argue the marketers have appropriated Christmas. On the face of tonight’s TV advertising they’d […]

Harvard MBAs caused all the trouble

That’s the headline written and assumed all too often. With George Bush, his Treasury Secretary and the heads of Lehman Brothers all holding MBAs is it any wonder? Granted, the MBA’s graduating now are taught ethics, CSR and Harvard’s ‘Leadership and Corporate Accountability’ course, but they didn’t really exist in the 60s and 70s when […]

Characteristics of a manager

Close your eyes for a minute. Forget where you work and who’s around you on the organisational chart (and completely ignore what you saw on The Apprentice last week). Now, imagine you’ve a blank sheet of paper and you’re picking a management team. Above, below or alongside you – it doesn’t matter – just an […]

Local hubs are the delivery answer

The Beeb ran a piece last week which went along the lines of, isn’t the world a terrible place because we all have to wait for couriers to arrive now that we like shopping online. Well I think there’s a new business model to be had: the new-age home delivery hub. Instead of all couriers dropping […]